Mooloolaba Triathlon 2020

Welcome back guys, it's been a while since you've visited my blog. Between work and training, I have been a bit slack and neglected a few blogs, sorry for that. Mum Dad and I arrived at Mooloolaba Friday lunch and I rushed straight down to registration to pick up my race pack before Scomo banned all events. Fortunately, the event was still going ahead, albeit with a shorter swim.

My First Noosa

Everyone always talks about Noosa and knows its the biggest Triathlon around, so after 7 years in the sport, I decided to have my first crack at it. This is only my 4th attempt at a standard distance triathlon which is a 1.5km swim, 40km ride, and a 10km run. My first 3 attempts weren't great, with different challenges that I knew before beginning those races. Noosa however, I was in good form, no injuries or illness and was ready to rumble. The start list was stacked and I was honoured to be on the start line with some of the guys.

Robina Standard distance tri

My worst races I have are always at Robina, don’t get me wrong I love the race but have never had things go to plan there. That’s about as much thought as I’ve ever given it, I cross the finish line and go “hey, its Robina”. Enough with the excuses and lets get into the juicy error I made. So this race was my third attempt at a standard distance triathlon (1500m swim, 40km ride, 10km run) and was a bit of a last minute decision. Originally I was going to race half of that, being the sprint distance in preparation for a race in Hong Kong this coming weekend.

Rainbow Beach Double Triathlon

The Triple F crew and I began our journey to Rainbow Beach for the back to back triathlon; Boys trip style. Coach G managed to survive the journey with us all blabbering in his ear and we arrived late Friday afternoon to check into our cabin, unpack our bags, and then head over to Poppy Lane’s place for some pizzas in his wood fired oven. Saturday morning was race day, although we didn't race till 3:30pm which is a bit different.

First Race as a Professional Athlete

Getting to the start line of my first Elite race was a mission on its own. I had been struggling with a niggling knee problem in the weeks leading up to the race, fortunately I had the support I needed from my coach, Glen Ingram Mobile Massage, and my Physio Peter Mitchell. Race morning was the usual transition setup followed by an extremely long queue for body numbering and timing chip collection leaving 10 minutes for me to do a warm up. Add to this the fact that we weren’t allowed in the water as “it is too dark” but we were racing 10 mins later?

Devonport Junior Oceania Cup

I was pretty keen for this race as it was the first one on my new Cannondale System six thanks to the guys at V1 Cyclery. Dad dropped me off to the airport nice and early on Friday morning for my flight via Melbourne to Davonport, landing with the Triathlon Queensland team. Davonport is a pretty small place so it didn't take long for us to arrive at our accommodation and build our bikes. The afternoon was pretty rushed but I managed to fit in a couple of laps on the bike course and go for a small swim at the same tide as race day.

Capital Trilogy Triathlon 2019

Canberra was scorching when I arrived, a lovely 40 something degrees. Friday afternoon we had course orientation and then a briefing later at the AIS. I chose not to get in the water as the swim course was changed and I wasn’t feeling confident with the water quality, not wanting to risk any sickness the day before racing. The bike course was a rough T shape with constant undulation but nothing too hard. There was a lovely u-turn through a car park that was pretty rough through the apex but smoothed out towards the end of the corner.

Super Sprint Race Weekend 2018

6 races in 4 days... To go into detail of every race would take up an entire book so I will keep it relatively short. Thursday night kicked off with a windy 1500m run. All events were timed across the heats so it was vital to get a good time and not just be aiming for 1st in the heat. I gave it a good crack taking the lead after the first 200 and pushing the pace creating a group of 3 until Oscar came around for the final sprint and the fastest time of the heats.

2018 World Championships

Last year's result had set an expectation and I could feel the pressure. Wednesday was not the ideal pre race preparation standing in line for over 2hours to collect my race registration after swim familiarisation. The swim course was rather straight forward and with wide turns using two buoys. This allowed for less congestion and a faster swim. To add even more time on my feet pre race, there was the Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony dinner. Everybody left as soon as the food was served and headed home to prepare for their race.