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Once it's early, it doesn't seem to matter what time it is, especially when it is race day. Setting my alarm for just after 3:30, I took no time in waking up. I grabbed a banana and jumped in the car. After about an hour I began my feast of wheatbix, and this lasted for quite a while. Arriving at Kawana just before 6am, I found the Sharkie tent and picked up my race pack before going into transition. I am not to fussy with my transition, but took a spot near the end as it was easy to find. I had my usual setup, including aero bars and my Mizuno Hitogami's.

Wind and rain, what a beautiful day

My morning kicked off at 4am with some wheatbix, before jumping in the car. I had a nice snooze in the car, but was still extremely tired, and when we arrived it was wet, cold and miserable weather. I haven't raced at Bribie for several years but I still remembered the corners! I picked up my race pack and set up transition with 5 minutes to go. The racks were numbered and I had a pretty good spot. Going for my warm-up I hid under my run jacket, thanks to Strategix, and came back nice and dry.

Gatorade Tri Series 2016 Race 2, Robina

Leaving home at 4:30am I had my usual breakfast of wheat bix then registered and headed into transition. Due to the course being longer and the event being a sellout, transition was very long and narrow. I chose a spot around the middle with an easily visible marker point of a certain pole. I set my transition up, no different to normal, and with it being a shorter race I had no gel on the bike.

New Open Course Record!!!

Having been sick all week, it may have been a blessing in disguise, finally getting me to rest. My Saturday was spent at a light Sharkie training session where I got a flat, so was just left running. Coach Rich had me working on getting some speed up, and getting out of my lethargic feel from the sickness. It seemed to work, and I was comfortable at pace. That afternoon was spent down at the event helping juniors and socialising. I was suuuuuuuupppppeeeeeeeerrrrr excited when I found out what race number I was, number one!!!!

Start of the season

They say you don’t know what you have until it is gone, that is certainly the case with Racing. Once the season ended, I was still doing cross country and track, but nothing compares to the triathlon rivalry, competition and the huge family. I had been counting down the days/ weeks to the first race, and it was finally race day.

I can swim!!!

I caught the party bus to Hervey bay on the Monday morning, and we had several stops to pick up more karaoke singers and arrived, just after lunch. I unpacked and found my roommates for the week, Todd and Kieran. The Queensland managers, then took us all for a light jog and swim before dinner at one of Hervey Bays Italian restaurants. I ate my pizza, and went to sleep as early as I could. I woke up at 6am and had to wait until 7am to get breakfast, so I ate a banana and packed my bag for the day. First on the agenda was a swim, before heading to the opening ceremony.


Luke Harrop Tri

Wow, what a start line!!! This race contained the toughest field I have ever faced, with myself being the youngest. I was really mixed about being nervous and excited at the same time, and couldn’t wait to see where I stood against the field. I did my usual run warm up, however this time extended my swim warm up, and I think this really helped as I had quite a good swim.


Caloundra R6 - Gatorade Tri

Today’s race was a tough one with quite a stacked field and strong winds. I woke up around 5:20 and ate some wheatbix before riding through the miserable weather to transition. With the wind being unpredictable I took my 808 off the front and put my training wheel on to cope better in the wind and dropped my tires to 90psi for the wet. I did my usual warm up and headed to the swim start, which was on an empty block of land up the canal. The race began by swimming up the canal and turning around a single buoy back down the canal.