Kawana x 2

runFriday night was spent heading to Cooloongatta for a family celebration = late night.  Saturday morning I ate several weetbix before leaving for Kawana at 5.00am.  It was a nice change for a late registration (daylight).  I was competing in the aquathon –2.5x1x2.5.  I wasn’t expecting anything big from this event as they are not my strongest legs and just waited to see

Opens - Home Ground

Being my local race and home ground, I did not have to leave until 5:30am, giving me a sleep in and a casual mood. I was racing in my second Opens race, and wanted to improve on my last race.  I felt normal going into the race, nothing different to any other day and walked down the pontoon to race briefing. I dived in and secured a clear starting spot in the swim, and as the gun went off I sprinted as fast as I could. It was a short swim, allowing me to come out mid-way through the field and run through transition gaining time.


Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to CONOSCO for their generous support and funding, making this next stage of my racing possible. Now on with the report. Well I was pretty keen, I got to use my new Zero Athletic tri bag,but also nervous to do my first open race.

Getting Down & Dirty

Well the day started a bit later than usual, leaving home at 5:30 am. It was an hour’s drive to Murrenbong and transition/rego closed at 7:30. I was given slightly different gear whilst registering, instead of sticking your number around the seat post, it was placed on the handlebars, and there were also no helmet stickers. My race began at 8:33 and I began my warm up around 8am, as I was doing the long course enduro.