My last Queensland Schools Cross Country

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Having raced state cross country for the last 5 years it has become a part of the year I look forward too. My first few years I was nervous and scared to push myself to the front of a start line, even having an asthma attack before the race started. Flashforward again and I am on a start line talking to mates after warming up together and even pushing on to that front line. This year I had one of my worst lead ups yet, with minimal running in the last 2-3 weeks not the ideal scenario. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to build at the end, so I thought what the heck, I have nothing to lose, and as the gun went off I committed to my plan. It may have been a terrible plan, but it was a plan. As usual I was slow off the mark and towards the back by the first turn. I quickly pulled my way through the pack and off the front to chase old mate Chekole who had already broken away.

Slowly dropping off

Just like that my plan was in action, stick with him as long as possible to pull away from the pack and then slowly fade, hopefully holding off the pack. I hung on for about 2km and started to drop off a lot earlier then I had hoped. Now for the second super technical part of my complex plan, hold off as many people as possible. Last year’s state champion Tommy came past and I tried to stick with him, that lasted about 30 meters... Onwards and backwards from there. For a cross country course, it wasn’t very cross countryie (don't judge my words, I am a modern-day Shakespeare).

Some hill

Only 2 hills per lap and a couple of little mud puddles with the rest of the course a grass highway, nothing too exciting. I spent the second lap of the 3km course watching different faces go past and trying to stick with them or claw back past crossing the line in 5th place. Not my best result at states but above my expectations with the lead up I had. The next morning, I was announced in the QLD team travelling to Tasmania in 4 weeks’ time. Now for the fun part, team relays!!! With my Met east team having won relays for the last 4 or 5 years we knew what to do, have fun. A good old team warm up, and some quality banter lifted the spirits and got us ready to keep the streak going. It was a 4 x 1.5km relay with myself going first, Harrison Biggs second, Shaun Earp third and Chekole Getenet bringing it home. I was defiantly the weak link in the team that day, but together they pulled back the gap and crossed in 1st place once again. It has been an amazing couple of years and it's hard to believe that I will never get to race a Queensland school cross country ever again. Time to make the most of nationals.

Winning Relay team