New season and a fresh start

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The freezing weather made for some tough choices before the start of the Springfield Duathlon, do I wear a thermal or arm warmers or a cylce top? I changed several times as the temps began to rise and decided to go with a cycle top and arm warmers that I could take off in the first run and dump in transition if I felt the need. The Duathlon began with a two lap, 5km run with some tough competition. I have made lots of changes during the off season to try and solve my vomiting problem, a huge thanks to Tara Leanne Nutrition for your help. During the first run I slotted in behind David Pinto, Dean Cane, and Keegan Jenkins to see how my gut would hold up. I am ecstatic to be able to say it gave me no trouble and I was running comfy in My Mizuno Sonics and entered transition together as I did a lovely little strip tease and ripped off my arm warmers and cycle top.

strip tease

I was second onto the bike behind Dean and the two of us took off up the hills. The bike course was 3 laps making for 20km of hilly riding. The descent was good fun on the first lap but the second and third got quite scary with all the other competitors clogging up all the good lines and going slow. Hitting the dismount I was in second and came in a little too hot overtaking Dean who happened to lose a shoe at the same time.


I made the most of the small lead I had gained and took off on the 2.5km run. Proving that not everything can go right, I missed the run turn as it was closer then the previous laps and not signed. I ran a bit further then I should have but I still managed to increase the margin and take the win. Not a bad way to start the season, and certainly a confidence boost after last year.


To wind out an already awesome day, I was given the opportunity to lead out the younger athletes on their run and then present their finish ribbons as they crossed the line. I will certainly be using fisiocrem after that effort running away from the kids, geeez can they run!!! This year I am lucky enough to have the support of Adam Gould from Remax Bayside properties and I would like to thank him for the race entry and making sure my bike was race ready.

lead out

Last but not least, My coach. You know I love you Graham, but now everyone needs to know, we have been working hard together and I am excited to see what this season can bring #triplef

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