I kicked off the weekend with an evening at Top Golf to claim my first trophy of the weekend #1stPlace maybe I should switch sports and play golf... It is at this point I would like to add that everyone else was drunk and we were equally terrible.


After a late Friday night I was fortunate enough to have my parents drive up to Kawana Saturday morning so that I could sleep in the car for a few more hours. Today's race was an aquathlon with a 2.5km run, 1km swim and 2.5km run. It was a reasonably small field and so the first run was broken up to just three of us by the end of the first run and we got to dive into the water together for some synchronised swimming. Whoever had the idea of making us swim after a run obviously didn't think it through. I like oxygen, and swimming limits the amount of oxygen I can actually get, especially after a run when I need it most. Swimming is so much easier without breathing but you don't get very far before that tactic fails you...

It took me about 300m to learn to breathe again. Once I did it was a lot easier to swim and I pulled away and got out and ran back to the start of my second swim lap. By this time the next wave of athletes were just starting their first lap of the swim and I got to dive on top of several people and whack them in the head. It is a very therapeutic experience, even if you are not a swimmer you should try it some time... I navigated my way through/over the waves of people and got out with a comfortable lead for the 2.5km run.


I made it about 2km through the run when my side started to cramp but I pushed through and finished to take the win and discover that I was cramping in all my golf muscles. I guess I tried harder then I thought to win at golf and it came back to bite me or more to the point, cramp my style. During presentations, I was assigned to the position of chief photographer and I apologize to everyone that was expecting a great photo which may of been replaced with my selfies...


That afternoon I kicked back and relaxed by the pool before an intense 2 hour nap, some rolling and rubbing some fisiocrem into my post golf trauma. Staying so close to race venue I didn't leave until 6am and was racked and kicking back in my chair by 6:30. Only 2 hours to wait for the very last wave. I had to race age group today to claim my spot for next year's World Championships and so I watched most of my mates race in the opens before heading out for my warm up. It was a beach start for the sprint distance Tri and I felt like I stood on a little fishy as the gun went off. Mr fish must have given me his swimming ability when I crushed him, as I had the second fastest swim of the day which is an extremely rare and almost unheard of thing from me. I took the bike pretty easy as I was planning on a good run and didn't want to cramp up again today.


Unfortunately this allowed me to be passed unknowingly but I managed to pull out a solid run and take out the win in my category and second overall for the day. I was happy with that considering I didn't have a lot of people to chase but the cheer squad was amazing. Thanks guys XOXO