Robina Standard distance tri

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My worst races I have are always at Robina, don’t get me wrong I love the race but have never had things go to plan there. That’s about as much thought as I’ve ever given it, I cross the finish line and go “hey, its Robina”. Enough with the excuses and lets get into the juicy error I made. So this race was my third attempt at a standard distance triathlon (1500m swim, 40km ride, 10km run) and was a bit of a last minute decision. Originally I was going to race half of that, being the sprint distance in preparation for a race in Hong Kong this coming weekend. Unfortunately though, that event was cancelled due to the situation over there at the moment. Anyway, I switched my entry to the longer distance at Robina 2 weeks out and decided to use it as preparation for Noosa in a few weeks.


I had a little less then my usual race morning breakfast as I wasn’t really hungry which is rare for me. The event organizers decided to make the event wetsuit optional even though the water temperature was too high, I don’t think anybody would complain as it is about the only chance us Queenslanders get to use a wetsuit. I, along with most of the field, decided to wear a wetsuit as it is faster. The gun went off and I was having a great swim sitting in the front pack comfortably, but then we started the 2nd lap and I began to cook inside my wetsuit and dropped off the pack. Fortunately I had a quick transition and wasn’t far off where I needed to be when mounting my bike. I put my feet in my shoes and put my head down to catch up to where I needed to be, didn’t take me long but I just wasn’t feeling how I normally do. I sat about 15m off the back of the pack, (yes there was a pack in a non drafting race) and held my ground for the first 2 laps; aaaaand that’s when it went downhill… Looking back at my power data there is a classic bonk that occurred and I lost over 3minutes on the bike to guys that I can normally ride with. It’s a crazy concept, but I think I actually needed to drink and eat something on the bike; who would’ve thought?

RunI only had a 10km run to go and I don’t think there is a lot that can be said about it I didn’t pass anyone at all or get passed either, I just ran along by myself feeling like I forgot how to athlete. I crossed the line in 1:54, 6minutes back from the front runners. It cant be too hard to improve from there and I have already begun testing different nutrition for Noosa in a couple of weeks. For now I am Heading to Hong Kong for a holiday before having another crack at the standard distance tri. Thanks for reading and try to avoid bonking in your next race, take my word for it, it isn’t fun