National Cross Country

2015 - Nats - Melbourne

WelcomeHurt BoxMelbourne did not turn out quite as I had hoped. Leading into the race I was comfortably 2nd or 3rd in Queensland, however thanks to Melbourne’s weather and the circumstances on the day I did not perform to my potential. I am still grateful to have been there and to have come 20th out of a field of 80+ competitors and gain more experience. I proved to myself that I could do better, and pulled it off in the 2km time trial afterplacing 4th with a time of 5:52.

Racing aside, as a triathlete I couldn’t help but complete the other two legs of a triathlon whilst in Melbourne.

Now time to rest up before this week’s crazy end, with Met East track and field on Thursday and Friday, TQ back to back tri selection day on Saturday and a sprint distance tri to finish off the weekend on the Sunday.

Thanks again for all the good luck and support messages for Melbourne.  A special thanks also to Redland City Council for their contribution towards my uniform/levy costs under the Small Grants Program.