Cross Country

State Cross County - 2015

The event took place over three days with the opening ceremony and course orientation on the Saturday afternoon. I had walked the course a couple of weeks ago, all I had to do on that afternoon was sign in and be at the opening ceremony. The next morning I slept in and spent the first half of the day getting ready before leaving for my race which started at 2pm. Runaway Bay was hosting the event and it certainly blew me away, literally….. The wind was insane and the course was hilly, what more could happen?

Redlands Cross Country

Redlands cross country, my local race. I didn’t feel like racing and was a bit flat after this morning’s swim session with the Cleveland Squad. I decided to take some of Crowther’s rocks to harden up and race. It was a quiet afternoon and a bit overcast, but a good course. The race was 2 laps of a 2km course with some really sticky and stinky mud. I was leading by the first km of the race and pulled a comfortable lead. I wasn’t going to push so I just enjoyed the run and crossed the line in first place. After the race I caught up with my friend Justin and cheered him on for his race.

QLD Medium Course Cross Country Champ!!!

Ok, so I am super happy to be the U16 Qld Medium Course Cross Country Champion!!! Not only was I the individual champion but my Tees team was also announced as the QLD champions. Now time for the report. Yeronga is always a hilly course and this year maintained that reputation, with slow times and lots of incline. Today’s race was a three kilometre and we started off with a one kilometre loop followed by a two kilometre loop.

QLD Cross Country Championships

Where do I start… well being sick never helps. After a horrible night’s sleep and the longest sleep in I have had this year, I spent the morning resting and trying to convince myself that I was fine and that I would be able to run. We left for the race just after lunch and arrived an hour before I was due to start. The race was a 3x4km relay. I really should not have run but I didn’t want to let my team down. My team was in the under 18 males and consisted of Katrina Robinson and Callum Davies who both had a brilliant race (thank you for making up for me being so slow on the day).

Met East Cross Country Trials

Well what a day. I arrived at the venue around 8:30am and signed in with the Redland’s team manager. My race was not till 10am but I wanted to walk the course as it closed at 9am. I began my warm ups about 40 minutes before the race. The course was a bit wet and some of the ground was mud. I stood on the start line knowing that I should be able to qualify (top six). Once the gun went, at 10am sharp we were off and I was in the lead pack by the first turn. Over the next kilometer the pack grew smaller and soon we were at the base of a 300m long hill.

Koala fun run 2015

The race kicked off at 7am. I was hoping to do the 10km, but I had MET East Cross Country on Tuesday and didn’t want to wear out my legs. The Koala Fun Run was hosted by the Bayside Runners and Walkers who did a great job and provided a great course and some solid competition. At the start I was feeling good and was off in first place. Behind me were the 10km and half marathon competitors, who started at the same time. Soon Patrick Arnold set the pace and I slotted in behind as I wanted to save my legs and I knew that I would not win this race.

Queensland Athletics All Schools Cross Country Championships – Kedron

The day began with a cycle and run session in the morning for about two hours. I felt good and ready to race!!! After the session I taught some of my fellow training buddies some bike skills, and then I headed home for a nice big bowl of porridge and honey. I started making some pasta and pesto for lunch at 11:30 as I wanted to leave and watch a few of my friends race.